Aug 11, 2021 16:56

This Is What I Wanted.

I’m currently waiting to board my flight back home to Illinois at LAX and just started thinking about how the last time I was at this airport was when I came to see the apartment I’m living in now. 

I’ve been in Los Angeles for three months and I honestly still haven’t come to terms with the fact that I am living in my dream city. 

It’s been a goal of mine to move here since I was a literal child. I just always knew that I would end up here somehow.

Celebrating my birthday here back in September was truly a pivotal moment for me. I fell in love with LA even more and was determined to find a way to move here as soon as I got back home. 

I let procrastination, fear, and stress get the best of me for the next three months. Constantly thinking that it was not feasible for me to move. One day I had to really sit down and snap myself out of that mindset. I was focused on so many factors keeping me from moving forward. I came to the realization that everything starts with me and I am truly in charge of my future. In December/January I told myself that I was moving whether I liked it or not in April. I hit the ground running and actually signed my lease in April! 

I can’t believe I did this! This is truly unreal.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to make a change in your life, whether it’s leaving your hometown, quitting your job, starting a hobby… whatever. Do it. Life is too short to not live for YOU.



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