Aug 11, 2021 16:56

This Is What I Wanted.

I’m currently waiting to board my flight back home to Illinois at LAX and just started thinking about how the last time I was at this airport was when I came to see the apartment I’m living in now. 

I’ve been in Los Angeles for three months and I honestly still haven’t come to terms with the fact that I am living in my dream city. 

It’s been a goal of mine to move here since I was a literal child. I just always knew that I would end up here somehow.

Celebrating my birthday here back in September was truly a pivotal moment for me. I fell in love with LA even more and was determined to find a way to move here as soon as I got back home. 

I let procrastination, fear, and stress get the best of me for the next three months. Constantly thinking that it was not feasible for me to move. One day I had to really sit down and snap myself out of that mindset. I was focused on so many factors keeping me from moving forward. I came to the realization that everything starts with me and I am truly in charge of my future. In December/January I told myself that I was moving whether I liked it or not in April. I hit the ground running and actually signed my lease in April! 

I can’t believe I did this! This is truly unreal.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to make a change in your life, whether it’s leaving your hometown, quitting your job, starting a hobby… whatever. Do it. Life is too short to not live for YOU.



Aug 5, 2021 03:07


I’ve been vegetarian for about 4 years now, and vegan for almost a year. Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve developed an appetite for vegan cuisine. I’m so fortunate to live in a city where my options aren't limited, making my life simpler as a picky eater!  

If you’re ever in LA I urge you  to check out one of these spots and let me know how you like it! 


I always felt very limited finding a nice vegan breakfast back home and honestly here for a bit until I found these two spots!

Just What I Kneaded is an all-vegan, female-owned bakery/cafe (with gluten-free options) located in Frogtown (Elysian Valley). As soon as you enter, you immediately just want to try everything because they simply have everything (pastries, bowls, burritos, etc). Their portions are very fair and will definitely have you filled up! 

Ordering online is simple,quick and convenient!  

My favorites are their Plain Bagel with Plain Schmear, Egg and Cheese Biscuit (I’ll sometimes just order the biscuit because it’s that good), and their Chocolate Chunk Cookie (aka the best cookie in LA)! The bagels and biscuits are truly decadent and unquestionably incomparable to any I’ve had before.


Lento Mkt is a 100% vegan Cafe Deli & Bodega in Echo Park. The second I walked in I was greeted by the sweetest girl who answered all my questions and got my order finished very quickly. 

I ended up getting the Breakfast Hash twice in the same week. It’s a scrumptious sandwich with cheese, avocado, tofu scramble, hash brown, and western sauce. Easily the best breakfast sandwich! It lacked absolutely no flavor which had me savoring each and every bite. 


Kreation Organic Juicery is definitely my guilty pleasure. They are not fully vegan, but everything in there is 100% natural and organic. They offer a wide variety of juices, smoothies, snacks, and meals but I only go for what I believe is the absolute best Açaí bowl in the state of California. It’s called the “Amazon Bowl'' and I get it with no bananas on top. To me, it’s very well priced and worth every penny!

Out of the 19 locations, my favorites are located in Silverlake (best staff here!), Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Studio City! 

Lower priced options: Ubatuba Açai (I’ve been to the Silver Lake, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks location but I believe they have a few more). Roots & Rye in Echo Park.

Monty’s Good Burger is a plant-based burger spot with locations all across LA. They have an option for you to order online and get your food in about 15 minutes which is great for people looking to pick up a quick meal. 

I love their new chicken sandwich, cheeseburger, tater tots, grilled cheese and max’d out fries! They have multiple locations throughout LA but my favorite is the Echo Park spot. 

Little Pine in Silver Lake is an all-vegan restaurant that happens to make my personal favorite burger. It’s called the “Little Pine Burger '' and is served on a potato bun with aioli (other things that I get taken off), cheese, and a generous amount of fries on the side. When I tell you it was love at first bite, I absolutely mean it. They really did what needed to be done! The patty is flavorful and smoky which is hard to achieve with vegan meat.

I don’t remember how I discovered Pura Vita but I’m so glad I did. They are an all plant-based Italian restaurant/wine bar. Pasta is one of my absolute favorite foods that I sadly had to cut out since going vegan. Every time I’d try plant-based pasta they were always extremely underwhelming, lacked flavor, or had the most peculiar consistency. My favorite on their menu is the Carbonara. It has the flavor and creaminess I have been longing for! 

Finding a black-owned vegan spot in my hometown of Naperville is absolutely not possible so the fact that this establishment’s a hop and skip away from me is truly a blessing and a curse for my wallet. 

The V Tree is located on Sunset in Silver Lake. The staff’s incredibly friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is just so warm and dope!! You do not have to worry about your meal lacking flavor here! My favorites are their Alfredo with chicken and shrimp, their cajun shrimp, and their red velvet cupcake!

Flore Vegan is also conveniently located on Sunset in Silver Lake. They have a plethora of options available which makes it easy for anyone to find something they can enjoy. I decided on their chicken and waffles and was absolutely blown away! The waffles were just perfect and the chicken almost tasted identical from what I remember chicken tasting like.

Whenever I’m looking to satisfy my sweet tooth in the evening, Yoga-Urt in Echo Park is my go-to. It’s 100% organic and plant-based. They have a ton of soft serve and smoothie options that are all amazing. My favorite flavors have to be Strawberry Serenity and Birthday Cake! 


Sep 15, 2020 14:40

My 21st Birthday in California

I spent my 21st birthday in California last week and it was truly a great and memorable trip! I went with my best friend and we visited LA, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree.

I will definitely be moving to LA in the future. The atmosphere was unmatched and I've never felt "at home" anywhere else!

Jan 29, 2020 14:24


Hello everyone! I know it's the 29th, but I hope you had an amazing  January!

This month I took my mom to Atlanta to attend Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus event!

I bought the tickets and booked everything in September/October and kept this secret from her and all my siblings until New Year's Day (her birthday).

Due to us having hectic lives and jobs, we haven't been able to spend one on one time in years! It felt so good to spend quality time together. 

The event was truly amazing! She had a ton of guests come out and it really changed my perspective and prompted a new desire for change and accountability in my life and overall motivated me for February!

CLICK HERE to see a little bit of what we saw.

She also has it on Apple Podcast.

We have just a few more days left for this month! Make them count! 

Here is some film from January! 

Dec 25, 2019 21:16

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I had a really good feeling about 2019 from the jump. It was definitely a roller coaster, but it was also a year of self-growth, self-love, and overall independence.

It was extremely challenging, but also extremely fulfilling. Teaching me that life is truly what you make it if your intentions are good and if you are willing to put the work in.

Each month I got to experience something exciting and new,  but believe me, each day brought new challenges. 

After what I know and been through in 2019... I know 2020 is going to be even better as long as I move with intention and continue to believe in myself.

Thank you 2019! 

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